REPORT: Colin Kaepernick Offered by Jaguars

Sources indicate that former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, has been offered a contract by the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team recently traded quarterback Nick Foles to the Chicago Bears, leaving Gardner Minshew as the only tangible starting-level quarterback on the roster.

It appears as though the Jaguars used a current player on the roster to reach out and meet with Kaepernick. It’s been hard for NFL teams to reach Kaepernick to make any communication as the camp has cut ties completely with the NFL. However, the Jaguars reportedly offered Kaepernick a 1 year, $10M deal.

It’s doubtful that Kaepernick would take that kind of money, considering the fact that he told the XFL last season that he wouldn’t take less than $20M a year to play for the start-up and now-defunct league. It does raise a couple of questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars organization. Are they starting to doubt their quarterback of the future in Minshew?

The organization could be developing cold feet as this offseason progresses through the effects of COVID-19. It’s hard to be comfortable sitting in an environment with no action overthinking everything.

The Los Angeles Chargers reported having interest last week, although they admitted to not having spoken with Kaepernick at all.

The NFL has interest – even after three years out of the league.

The next question that remains: How long does Cam Newton remain unsigned?