Tim Tebow Posts Inspiring Message More People Need to Hear

The world needs more people like Tim Tebow.

Even if you put aside your quarrels that you may have with his openness with his Christian Faith, the fact of the matter is that Tebow is a good person. He’s bright, he’s energetic, passionate, and charismatic. He inspires people on a daily basis with not just his words, but his attitude and his actions.

This morning, Tebow posted an inspiring message on his Twitter page. Please, stop what you are doing and take two minutes to watch this.

Take a stand for what you believe in. Know what you believe and why.

Remember Tebow’s halftime speech that brought his team back out with a fire in 2008?

Tim, thank you for being such an inspiration and a figure for people to look up to! This is something that I didn’t personally realize completely until recently. I’d rather have twelve people who respect me and a thousand who hate me than a thousand who like me and twelve people who know I’m a sell-out.