Football’s First Politically Correct Team

I should be surprised. I should be upset. I should be a great number of things, but sadly I am not.

The team previously known as the Washington Redskins will be the Washington Football Team for the 2020 NFL Season, as the franchise goes about adopting a new name. Yes, folks, it’s the first politically correct football team.

Adam Schefter broke the news:

The uniforms are about the same too. Damn, they are ugly as sin too.

Washington has been a miserable place not only for fans since Dan Snyder purchased the team, but it’s been a terrible place to work, and produced horrible results on the field. This change isn’t shocking to me in the slightest.

It’s not suppose to stay this way, this is a temporary logo. It seemingly has a lot to do with the Arlington realtor who owns almost any trademark with Washington attached to it, holding them ransom from the NFL (and anyone else) for a hefty price.

What a damper for Washington to put on the day.