Seahawks Acquire Former Jets Safety Jamal Adams Via Trade

The weekend in the NFL seems to be where most of the action happens. The New England Patriots signed quarterback Cam Newton 4 weeks ago on a Saturday, and today the New York Jets have sent their disgruntled All-Pro safety, Jamal Adams, to the Seattle Seahawks.

As you can see in the tweet from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Jets receive the Seahawks next two first round picks, next years third round pick, and safety Bradley McDougald to fill the gap left by Adams. McDougald will be a unrestricted free agent player following this season.

Seattle has been looking to recreate the magic that was once in the secondary, affectionately known as “The Legion of Boom.” That secondary featured star safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, while Richard Sherman was the shutdown cornerback. While their current secondary comes nowhere close to that of the legacy, Jamal Adams is an immediate upgrade in the back end.

As for the Jets, the team continues to plummet since the hiring of head coach Adam Gase, who has struggled throughout his head coaching career with keeping players united and together. Jamal Adams is just the latest in the long line of NFL players who have turned against him.

Please write the Seahawks in as potential Super Bowl contenders this season.