Woke Zombies Turn on NFL Legend Brett Favre

Brett Favre (rightly) drew heavy criticism from President Trump supporters for applauding former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as a cultural hero last month.

One month later, a picture emerged of Favre golfing with President Trump.

Really, people on social media shouldn’t make this so easy for me. All I had to search was “Fuck Brett Favre” and thousands of results come up. I think that insults have lost a lot of favor and people need to try and get more creative with them.

Regardless, I don’t think Brett Favre did this as an attempt to endorse Trump. I think that Favre’s thinking here is that he’s received an opportunity to go golf with the President of the United States. It used to be widely considered an honor to go and do, but now people are too busy getting angry about the president taking some leisure time during a pandemic.

Like, what the hell have the majority of the people tweeting “fuck Donald Trump” been doing this entire pandemic? I almost guarantee that they haven’t been out in the world working their job, and are instead at home in bed tweeting all day, taking leisure time.

This is again another example of the alt-left bringing hate down on anyone who doesn’t completely agree with their philosophies. Remember, this guy just praised Colin Kaepernick last month.

When they lose the election in November, they won’t take a moment to self-reflect. Instead, they will look for a way to create more havoc and hatred for another four years and further alienate themselves from reality.