Social Media Celebrates NBA Player Jonathan Isaac’s Injury

The “tolerant left” is back at their intolerant ways. This time, the target of their attack is Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac, the only NBA player so far to stand for the National Anthem this basketball season.

Isaac, who on July 31st was pictured standing without a Black Lives Matter t-shirt, brought the hatred and anger of social media users.

Despite drawing the hatred of social media, Isaac’s jersey quickly became the second highest-selling jersey in the NBA, second only to LeBron James. Isaac cited his Christian Faith as the reason that he didn’t take a knee. It’s a smart move on his part, he’s allowing his actions to show that wearing a t-shirt and taking a knee for a social cause during the national anthem isn’t doing anything for racial injustice. He instead chose to pray during the anthem.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, you have to respect the fact that he is doing the most powerful thing he believes that he can do: ask the ultimate being, capable of anything and everything, to help solve racial injustice. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough in the eyes of the Woke Twitter Zombies.

Isaac went down with an injury during action Sunday night, against the Sacramento Suns. He left the court in a wheelchair. Shortly after, it was announced that during his tumble, Isaac tore his ACL.

Social media immediately erupted:

At least Isaac seems to be in good spirits:

I think that people who are alt-left Woke Twitter Zombies are proving day in and day out that they are not capable of respect. Isaac did something that you should respect, but they won’t because it’s not what they want the way that they want it. It’s exactly what Tim Tebow had spread around in the video that I wrote about last week. The Woke Zombies like people. Others respect you. Would you rather be liked or respected?

Isaac clearly would rather serve his Lord and Savior, and for that I respect him.

UPDATE: ESPN and the Dan Le Batard Show ran a poll today on Twitter (that was later deleted) asking if it was funny that Isaac had torn his ACL.