TCU Football Player Takes Internal Story Public, Rebuked by Teammates

Texas Christian University head coach, Gary Patterson, announced this afternoon at his press conference that the school’s defense had refused to practice this morning. Without going into any further detail, he left it at that.

However, a redshirt freshman linebacker, Dylan Jordan, took to Twitter to announce why the team had refused to practice, using his iPhone’s screenshot notepad to write out an explanation.

Now, armies of Woke Twitter Zombies are charging upon the parameters of TCU, calling for Coach Patterson to be fired and removed for using the n-word.

Let’s make sure we are understanding the story that Jordan is trying to tell:

  • TCU is an awesome school, and one can learn a lot here about themselves from hard work and sacrifice.
  • However, the football team might be too much of a sacrifice. Jordan has been there a whole year, retained a year of eligibility, but didn’t play soon enough for his liking.
  • Coach Patterson didn’t like a picture he posted of his girlfriend? The one on Instagram? I’ve got the post below.
  • As practice moved on, Coach Patterson “approached him about it.” Jordan asked, “Why didn’t you talk to me about it?” Seems reasonable.
  • Per Jordan, Coach Patterson called him a “fucking brat I’ll send you back to the Pitt.” Dylan Jordan is from Pittsburgh, Kansas.
  • Jordan asked for what, and Patterson, per Jordan, replied, “You’ve been saying n****s in the meeting room.” Multiple players have clarified since then that Patterson refused to say the word at first, but Jordan coaxed it out of him by questioning, asking “what?”
  • The next day, multiple players asked Jordan if this was true (I guess the “fucking brat” part), and Jordan told them what went down.
  • The team refused to practice this morning so that they could plan on a response.
  • Patterson defended himself in the locker room, per Jordan, saying, “I wasn’t calling him a n*****r.”
  • Jordan is calling for repercussions and actions from the TCU administration for Patterson using that language.
  • Jordan’s teammates strongly disagree with him for bringing this to the public light.

The picture below of his girlfriend, I am presuming, is the one on his twitter bio that was the second picture he posted on Instagram. He is cradling her in the picture. I’m not sure if there was a team rule that a picture like that violated (it is a Christian school, after all), or how he got “called out,” but alright.

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Date night..🥰💗 #L1v9

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Several TCU players have come out rebuking Jordan for the way that he has gone about this.

A former player drops a word in too:

It appears that Jordan’s time on the team might be very limited. It’s hard to return to a locker room and bring things back to normal, especially after breaking the trust in your teammates that it sounds like Jordan just did.

In today’s cancel culture, it’s so easy for people to jump the gun and react. Times are different than they were just a year ago. With Woke Twitter Zombie armies, it’s easy for something to blow up that can be perceived as racist. Jordan purposely explained this to make it sound like it was a hateful, racist act.

No one should use the n-word whatsoever. I learned that early in my writing days the wrong way, when I quoted someone using that word in a tweet. You don’t do that. It’s not ever appropriate. Gary Patterson’s word usage certainly wasn’t ideal, but it helps to know that he wasn’t calling anyone that word. He was addressing a certain players usage of it.

The team wanted to avoid drama, and Jordan brought it to the team. That breaks trust. A lack of trust destroys teams.

Spread the word, it’s what the players want!

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