Top College Football Players Want To Play Football

I never thought that I would have to write a headline like this, but here we are. Many of the top college football players in the nation want to play football this year, including Heisman contender and Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, and so many more.

Check it out:

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It’s not just about playing football

These players aren’t being selfish or immature, they have valid reasons to why they want to play this season. Look at Trevor Lawrence himself:

It’s worth noting that a disclaimer has been placed on Trevor Lawrence’s tweet, suggesting that he is spreading misinformation about the virus.

Arkansas State Players issue joint statement regarding the upcoming season

CBS Sports Barrett Sallee reported that Arkansas State’s leaders issued a “strong statement” on the team’s desire to play this season. “We understand very important national conversations taking place at this time will determine the future of our season,” they said in the statement. “We feel that our campus, and specifically our athletic facilities, are the safest place to be during this time as we have access to additional safety protocols and health officials.

Some College Football Analysts are joining the cause

While it’s being noted across social media that many members of the media are refusing to cover the #WeWantToPlay movement, several members are. Here are a few interesting thoughts from several of them.