Washington Football Team Hires Jason Wright, The First Black NFL President Amid Scandals

It’s been a rough couple of months for the Washington Football Team. Minority owners started threatening to sell their stock in the team over the team’s former name, the Redskins, sponsors threatened to drop out of sponsoring, and official gear websites pulled all merchandise from the shelves. After a few weeks of scrutiny, the team changed their name to the Washington Football Team and were followed with a sexual assault/harassment article published in the Washington Post.

Minority owners have been clamoring the last week for the team owner, Dan Snyder, to sell his 60% of the team. His response? Let’s make NFL history.

This morning, August 17th, the Washington Football Team announced that Jason Wright, a former NFL veteran running back and partner with McKinsey and Company (a large advisory firm), was hired as the team president. Wright is the first black man to hold such a title in NFL history.

There are no questions regarding Wright’s qualifications. Senior Bowl director, Jim Nagy, released the scouting notes that he had taken on Wright when he was coming out of college attempting to go pro.

What this means for Washington

The culture in Washington has needed a change badly for a long, long time. The value of the team has dipped significantly under Snyder, to the point where investors in the company have been trying to sell out of the team.

Dan Snyder has been a terrible owner. Money and profits have been his ultimate goal since buying the team, which has played out horribly on the rest of the team and the fans. The people who ran the team before were awful, as displayed by the Washington Post story.

It is important to note that Washington is trying to make serious cultural changes. Not only was the hiring of head coach Ron Rivera a headliner, but it was also a tone-setter. Rivera flipped the Carolina Panthers into a competitive team that went to the Super Bowl.

Wright acknowledges this on his twitter today. He understands that character will help rebuild the team and make them a competitive organization again. Wright is the perfect high character fit for the team.

It looks like Dan Snyder might finally realize this too.