John Vogel’s Top 25 Countdown

I love music.

I think that the music charts are just too ordinary, too plain, and lacking in depth or real conviction.

The music charts are based on money, and that’s not always an indicator of great music.

Music charts need a human touch – a fans touch.

I love music, and I want to provide that touch. My daughter loves music, and I want to find great music for her.

I’m introducing John Vogel’s Top 25 Countdown.

We’re blending all genres – EVERYTHING to ensure that the best music is coming to light.

Here’s how we are doing it

we’re going to change the way you see music and countdowns.

Let’s change the way we spotlight artists.

John Vogel

Revitalizing the countdown

The listeners of the countdown have social media to make noise to influence the countdownno money is required. You don’t have to buy songs to influence the charts. Instead, talk about why you like the song (or the bend in general) and create trends to move songs up and down the charts.

Music becomes draining when you hear the same old songs over and over again on repeat: and we don’t want to continue that trend.

When a song hits number one, we retire the song from the countdown and place it in a special group of songs – the Hall of Hits. These hits (52 accumulated over the year) are placed into a special category of songs of success.

We’re not here to talk about a song being catchy and that’s why it’s at the top of the charts. We prefer to talk about the clever details to songs – the lyrics, the assembly of the song, etc, and take music to another level with in-depth analysis.

A New Outlook on Music Awards

Imagine how much better music would be if the awards weren’t all about money and selling the most songs? We’re putting together a point system through our chart that allows bands and artists to accumulate points based on their standings in the charts – the more songs and the better placing in the charts, the more points that artists get.

This outlook allows us to get more creative with the ways that we can award and spotlight artists. Monthly awards become a part of the game. We’re looking at ways to make music competitive – because analysis and competition encourages more people to be involved in music, and that’s the ultimate goal of the countdown and John’s involvement in music.

Why Me?

I’ve been writing songs since I was about 12 years old.

Writing has always come naturally to me. It’s been a passion of mine for years. I’ve studied many different genres of song lyrics from many different periods of time so as to better improve my abilities as a songwriter. I’ve had several songs published over the last eight years, several recorded as well, by myself and other artists. I’ve also weighed in as a producer for bands and artists during recording sessions and the following days after.

My passion for music and my insight as a songwriter allow me to assist you, the fans, and the listeners, to find great musical talent to enjoy.

What you can expect

You can expect;

  • Spotlight artists every month
  • A great countdown full of good music every week
  • A consistent cycle of artists and styles so as not to allow the music to become “stale.”